Olivier Hamoir

Olivier Hamoir is a consultant focused on serving family shareholders and the companies they control. He helps family shareholders to ensure the long-term control and development of their company including vision, shareholder agreement, governance, and implications for the company's risk/return profile.

Olivier is experienced in helping shareholders to identify the best way to ensure family succession and its harmonious transmission between generations, to involve family members (and, if necessary, non-family members) in the governance of the company, to train future generations to assume their role as family shareholders, to reinforce the "affectio societatis", to initiate common activities (such as philanthropy), and to develop fruitful relationships between the members of the shareholder families. He also supports several families in the development of their strategy from the perspective of the shareholder of the family business.

He supports these shareholder families in various roles, including Chairman of the Family Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the family company, Director or Consultant in specific missions.

Prior to his current activity, Olivier was a Senior Partner at McKinsey where he worked for 28 years and before that he also worked at Procter & Gamble Benelux. He graduated as a Commercial Engineer from the Solvay Business School.

Date & Time
14 December 2022
17:00 - 20:30


Free of charge