Lorenzo Rossetti – Director Trade & Customs Practice -  KPMG UK

Lorenzo has a 38 year history in the customs field – He began his working life in HMRC in the UK at the age of 18 within both policy and operational roles before joining KPMG in the early 1990s. After 11 years he left KPMG  to lead one of the largest customs duty management/reporting software houses in the UK, where he remained for 19 years before returning to KPMG at the end of January 2020. Lorenzo is an active member of the UK Joint Customs Consultative Committee working groups – the UK Customs/Trade policy committees run by HMRC - and a legacy supporter of Chelsea Football Club . He is often heard confessing that he “..wanted to be a customs officer at the age of 13” – for that, we apologise!

Nicole Ward - Manager Trade & Customs Practice - KPMG UK 

Nicole has over 7 years experience in the KPMG UK Trade & Customs team and has gained a wide range of experience within a variety of sectors including excise, aerospace, automotive, retail, pharmaceuticals and food. Working with a varied breadth of clients has expanded her knowledge and skill-set around a large area of customs and excise. Nicole also completed a 6 month secondment at a large UK retailer, where her role was to support with managing the import/export process through its customs warehouse using the company’s duty management system. Most recently and for the best part of the last four years, Nicole has been supporting a number of clients with pre and post Brexit planning including Brexit Impact Assessments and supply chain reviews to identify workable solutions


Wim Verbeeck - Learning & Development Director - C4T

Prior to this assignment he led the Solution Services at C4T (Customer Onboarding and Service Desk). He pulls from his 30+ year history in logistics, project management, product implementation and support, leading and mentoring by example with his unwavering focus on customer success. Whether attending to a small business or a multinational corporation, Wim is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. 


Hira Khan - Senior Trade Adviser - KPMG BE

Hira is a Senior Advisor in KPMG’s Global Trade & Customs Practice in Belgium. Over the past five years of her professional development while working in the sector of global trade, maritime logistics and customs, she has built a strong skill-set and experience in international trade supply chain from the perspective of various stakeholders involved, and in trade documentation and flows from the perspective of optimal customs compliance. She has gained a wide range of experience within a variety of sectors including retail, pharmaceuticals, chemicals trade and distribution, materials and food and beverages. Working with a varied range of clients, she has also expanded her knowledge and skill-set around customs and trade within the European Union.

Date & time
Tuesday 27 September 2022
14:00 - 15:00 CET
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