Powering your compliance with Security operations

10:00 - 11:30
Microsoft Teams

In this event, we will focus on the Incident Reporting and Information Sharing pillars of DORA which detail some of the reporting requirements in the event of ICT resilience incidents as well as sharing information with the wider community. We will also take a look at how vulnerability and penetration testing exercises can give you valuable real-world information, with which you can augment your view of ICT resilience risk in your organisation. Our experts will discuss good practice in this area, and how the SeviceNow SecOps module can provide a more data-driven, and automated approach to gathering, actioning, and reporting on ICT resilience risk.

Join us to learn how SecOps can effectively power your ICT risk management and improve your manage ICT risks and ensure compliance with the upcoming DORA requirements.

Thursday 25-05-2023
Thursday 22-06-2023
Thursday 21-09-2023
Thursday 26-10-2023
Thursday 23-11-2023

10:00 - 11:00 CET


Free of charge